What it is


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What it is
Just the violence going on in the streets
Pardon me but you are sitting in my seat
What it is
Just a little example of common sense
There aint that many sheep jumping over the fence
What it is
Just my pockets filled with linnen and holes
I heard someone say that fortune favors the bold
What it is
Just the same thing that happenned again
But everybody knows you dont mix business with friends
What it is
Just a simple case of missunderstanding
But aint nothing too big for me to be handling
What it is
Pimp my ride and lift my face
Heard your products good ,so
Give me a taste
What it is
I dont know and seriously never gave a fuck
A sneaky bastard i kickem when they duck
What it is
Thats a question that cannot be answered
You have it or you dont kinda like getting cancer

What it is
Just the entire human race
God i love cumming in her face
What it is
Some people might call it a swagger
But its more like something in between a heart and a dagger
What it is
Is nothing more than having nothing to lose
Your best to prove yourself if youve got nothing to prove
What it is
Another secret that you wont keep
So dont wonder why the wicked we dont get no sleep

What it is
Just a rainbow with a pot of gold
Had my hand once on a dollar
It was bought and sold
What it is
Atom bombs and mickey Ds
Jesus buddha mohammed a hercules
What it is
Different dimensions of time and space
Boys were made out of string and Girls were made out of lace
What it is
Its what everybody wants to know
Why did we come into this world
And where will we have to go


released April 14, 2015
Written / Produced / Mixed by Seb Black
Mastered by Alex Sergerie
Executive Producers: Francis Lemay / Seb Black



all rights reserved


SEB BLACK Montréal, Québec

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